A look inside Nightwing's former high tech apartment/lair showcasing a lot of his equipment (Nightwing v2 #10)


Spyral Hypnos Tech

- We learn that Hypnos are originally created from alien technology and can not only cloak/change the users appearance but are also completely undetectable from body (or x-ray) scanners (Omega Men #7)

 photo omegamen7-hypnosalientech1.jpg photo omegamen7-hypnosalientech2.jpg photo omegamen7-hypnosalientech3.jpg photo omegamen7-hypnosalientech4.jpg

- Using his hypnos tech as a cloaking device to disguise himself as someone else entirely as pointed out by Starfire who noticed it (Starfire #7)

 photo starfire7-graysonhypnoscloak.jpg photo starfire7-graysonhypnoscloak1.jpg

- As a Spyral agent he has identity protection implants that ensure that cameras can't capture his face. It also prevents a person's memory from recalling what his face looks like (Grayson #1)

Spyral ID Protection photo grayson1-graysonidentityprotection.jpg

- Is protected from a telepath known as Sculptor from reading his mind due to the Spyral tech implanted inside his brain which produces a massive amount of static interference (Batman & Robin Eternal #11)

 photo batmanrobineternal11-sculptordeduction2.jpg

- The computer program installed in his Hypnos implant tech explains everything his hypnos tech can do (Grayson Annual #2)

 photo graysonannual2-hypnoseyetech.jpg

Using his suit's comm transmitter he's able to detect microwave transmissions coming from Feedback/Zane then turn the microwaves right back at him (Nightwing v2 #3)


His mask lenses are capable of spectral analysis that help him to point out a weakness against the shapeshifter super villain Spinebender (Nightwing v2 #4)


Has a high tech body and electrical scanner installed in his mask lenses that he uses to quickly locate Detective Nie's cellphone that's on him then keeps a lock on it's location via his mask tech so he can track him anywhere (Nightwing v2 #11)


Can run a biometrics scan using his masks visor scopes (Nightwing #138)


Can use the zooming tech in his mask lenses to help him read people better (Nightwing v2 #19)

 photo nightwing19-lensestech.jpg

Has a laser weapon attached to his gauntlet as he's shown using it to open a locked vault (Nightwing #150)


Using a magnesium flare underwater to get his arm free (Nightwing #1)


Costume Taser Charge: Capable of using his costume as a taser weapon that can go up to a maximum of 150 thousand volts

Temporarily takes down an intelligent gorilla with his costume's taser that he amped up and intended to use for Blockbuster (Nightwing #46)


The taser charge on his costume goes off on a ninja who's holding it in his hand causing the electrical charge to spread across everyone (about 5-6 ninjas) nearby knocking them all out (Nightwing #57)


Using his taser charge against Saiko (who has super human Talon powers) (Nightwing v2 #2)

PhotobucketPhotobucket photo nightwing2-150voltsuit.jpg

Can emit high voltage electrical charges from his nightsticks that prove powerful enough to take out several armored henchmen (aka the Republic of Tomorrow) surrounding him (Nightwing v2 #11)


Punches the shapeshifter Spinebender in the face while his gauntlet glove is electrically charged up (Nightwing v2 #28)

 photo nightwing28-nightwingvspinebender3.jpg

Has a taser installed in his gauntlet glove that he uses to take down a winged soldier (Nightwing #142)


Using a flash bomb along with ultrasonics to blind and deafen well armed mercenaries (Nightwing #140)


Fires a powerful hypersonic weapon device from his gauntlet at a distance that greatly stuns & hurts a room full of armored henchmen (aka the Republic of Tomorrow) once it's planted against a surface while using ear dampeners to protect himself from the full blast (Nightwing v2 #11)


Captures the master escape artist and meta human Copperhead with a high tech net weapon that completely subdues him (Nightwing #95)


Captures The Prankster using a bola weapon to subdue him (Nightwing v2 #21)

 photo nw21-bola.jpg

Keeps Orphan (David Cain) subdued and unconscious with a Neurotranq dart (Batman & Robin Eternal #14)

 photo batmanrobineternal14-graysonvsorphandavidcain3.jpg

While fighting against an invisible man alongside the speedster Jesse Quick, he switches to infrared vision and uses chemical foam spray to expose where the invisible man is (The Titans #36)

 photo thetitans36-foamspray1.jpg photo thetitans36-foamspray2.jpg photo thetitans36-foamspray3.jpg

Subdues Fireball (fire based meta human) with foam capsules (Nightwing #124)


While pinned down, he uses a smoke grenade against The Strategist to escape (New Teen Titans Games)

 photo nttgames-thestrategist4.jpg

Takes out Tiger Moth, Silken Spider, and Dragonfly with colorless gas bombs (Nightwing #138)


Takes down Wonder Woman with gas while using Kid Flash and Aqualad as distractions (Teen Titans Year One #3)


Using an explosive capsule to bring down a ton of debris on top of League of Assassin ninjas (Nightwing #152)


Destroys several military cargo trucks using a lot of explosive pellets all at once (Outsiders v3 #34)

 photo theoutsiders34-explosivepellets.jpg

Blasts a hole in the side of Checkmate's castle with a powerful explosive charge (Outsiders v3 #47)


Using powerful quick timed explosive charges shot from his gauntlet while diving on his jump line he destroys a giant sized clock from half of a collapsed building before it can reach and kill dozens of innocent people on the street (Nightwing v2 #11)


Uses a thermo charge that weakens and destroys 6 power cells on a Superman Robot that was powerful enough to take on both the Titans and Young Justice at the sametime (Titans Young Justice Graduation Day #3)


Using a Spyral made explosive device with a remote detonator that's powerful enough to blow away Blockbuster (although it doesn't take him down) who has super strength and invulnerability that's on par with Superman's allowing Superman (who was depowered and was much weaker at the time) and himself enough time to escape (Grayson Annual #2)

 photo graysonannual2-graysonsupesvsblockbuster1.jpg photo graysonannual2-graysonsupesvsblockbuster2.jpg photo graysonannual2-graysonsupesvsblockbuster3.jpg photo graysonannual2-graysonsupesvsblockbuster4.jpg photo graysonannual2-graysonsupesvsblockbuster5.jpg photo graysonannual2-graysonsupesvsblockbuster6.jpg

Carries/uses a mini EMP device thats powerful enough to shut down all the robotic soldiers and electronics within the room including Sasha's eye that's has advanced OMAC tech built in (Outsiders v3 #48)



Mentions that he co-created the mini EMP weapon with Batman from some of Sivana's tech (Outsiders #48)


Co-designed the first electrorang alongside his Titans teammate Cyborg (Nightwing #101)


Designed a special stun grenade to subdue Clayface (Arkham Reborn #3)


Builds his own high tech car similar to Batman's first vehicle the "Night Car" (which was the prototype for the Batmoblie) (Nightwing #16)


Builds his own high tech wing glider programmed with a remote GPS device (Nightwing #141 & 144)


His wing glider is also fast enough to keep up with the Batmobile (Nightwing #145)


Turns an alarm clock into a transmitter so he can secretly communicate with Batman aka Matches Malone (Grayson #1)

 photo grayson1-transmitter.jpg


Grayson #1:

- Due to his reading motion ability he's able to quickly understand how to use Spyral hypnos to manipulate people which according to the veteran Spyral agent Helena Bertinelli usually takes years to master

 photo grayson1-graysonhypnos2.jpg

Examples of him using his Spyral Hypno Implant:

- Manipulates Ninel's mind to make him believe that they're friends despite having just met him

 photo grayson1-graysonhypnos1.jpg

- Can make even Midnighter (who has an enhanced super brain) forget what he looks like as pointed out by Midnighter himself

Master of Manipulation photo grayson1-graysonhypnos1a.jpg

- Cleverly uses his Spyral hypnos tech against Lex Luthor's advanced combat drones and even forces them to turn against each other causing the drones to destroy one another (Grayson #10)

 photo grayson10-spyraltechvslexcorpdrones1.jpg photo grayson10-spyraltechvslexcorpdrones2.jpg photo grayson10-spyraltechvslexcorpdrones3.jpg

- Manipulates and controls even the advanced cyborg known as LadyTron into doing exactly what he wants by creating a hypnotic illusion in her mind (Grayson #14)

 photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron1.jpg photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron2.jpg photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron3.jpg photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron4.jpg photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron5.jpg photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron6.jpg photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron7.jpg photo grayson14-spyralhypnosladytron8.jpg

- Uses his hypnos to force his way into the mind of a formidable telepath known as Sculptor (Batman & Robin Eternal #11-12)

 photo batmanrobineternal11amp12-graysonhypnosvsculptor1.jpg photo batmanrobineternal11amp12-graysonhypnosvsculptor2.jpg photo batmanrobineternal11amp12-graysonhypnosvsculptor3.jpg photo batmanrobineternal11amp12-graysonhypnosvsculptor4.jpg photo batmanrobineternal11amp12-graysonhypnosvsculptor5.jpg photo batmanrobineternal11amp12-graysonhypnosvsculptor6.jpg

- Eventually able to mentally break Grifter by pushing his hypnos to the limit (notice the bleeding eyes) and get Grifter to talk despite his telepathy which seemingly enabled him to resist Grayson's hypnos interrogation for awhile until he finally broke (Grayson #17)

 photo grayson17-graysonvsgrifter5.jpg photo grayson17-hypnosvsgrifter.jpg

Showing some of his scientific knowledge by finding chemicals he's not familiar with inside Aqualad and Tula's lungs that are causing them to stop breathing then coming up with a solution to fix the problem (Tales of Teen Titans #45)


Able to point out what a full color spectrum flash pulse is and that the gun it's fired from is likely of alien origin (Nightwing #50)


Mentions that he can fool a polygraph (Outsiders v3 #23)


Unaware even to Batman, Dick reveals that he's hacked the JLA's emergency override codes to access their teleporter (Nightwing #138 & Batman & the Outsiders v2 #8)


Quickly hacks into an alien data terminal using the Tamaranean language which he apparently learned from Starfire and actually surprises Superman (Action Comics #842)



In a flashback as Robin, he shows his creativity in planning when he passes Batman's test by successfully launching a well planned non-lethal sneak attack on him within the Batcave (Batman #687)


In the Post-Flashpoint/New 52 era, he created the first Robin armored suit within weeks from Batman's spare suits (Nightwing #0)


Has a stronger battle armor verison of his costume (Titans & Young Justice Graduation Day #2)


Using high tech Batman body armor he takes down someone who's injected himself with the venom serum & Langstrom's original Man-Bat serum turning himself into a powerful monster (Detective Comics #873)


His mask has a small explosive charge installed that can self destruct (Trinity #9)


KOes Azrael by activating a switch already planted on his suit (Azrael Death's Dark Knight #3)


Built in a kill switch inside his suit to protect it from being hacked by The Prankster again (Nightwing v2 #24)

Anti-Hack Kill Switch photo nightwing24-killswitch.jpg

Subdues Dr. Phosphorus with a foam cannon saving Robin (Batman #687)


Subdues a rampaging Naiad (water elemental) by exploiting her weakness to pollutants (Justice League of America v2 #46)


Has a piece of kryptonite to deal with Superman if need be (Outsiders v3 #37)


Revealing that he's not only fought alongside the Justice League but has trained to fight them if need be (very likely thanks to his training from Batman). In this battle, we see him take on a super powered android known as Paragon who has the powers of the JLA and defeats it by exploiting the Justice Leaguer's weaknesses while leading his fellow Spyral agent known as Tiger/Agent 1. See the Mobs/Teams (Team Battles) Section to see the entire battle (Grayson #8)

Grayson & Tiger vs Paragon 2 photo grayson8-graysonvsparagon2.jpg

Alongside Tiger (aka Agent 1), they use Checkmate's hard light energy gauntlet ambient tech to dominate Frankenstein in combat then subdue him by deep freezing him (Grayson #17)

 photo grayson17-graysontigervfrankenstein1.jpg photo grayson17-graysontigervfrankenstein2.jpg photo grayson17-graysontigervfrankenstein3.jpg photo grayson17-graysontigervfrankenstein4.jpg

With the help of his Bat Family members he uses his cluemaster code game to "speak" to them (knowing Spyral was spying on him) and gave them secret instructions on what he needed from each of them using the gifts he gave to them. After decoding Grayson's instructions, they're able to break into Spyral's secret database, hack the system, and take control over their hypnos technology. This enables Dick to take complete control over his own hypnos tech plus crack Spyral's advanced encryption allowing him to actually reveal the true face of Spyral's most secretive head agent known only as Agent Zero (Grayson #12)

 photo grayson12-cluemastercode1.jpg photo grayson12-cluemastercode2.jpg photo grayson12-cluemastercode3.jpg

Grayson leads the overwhelmed JLA to victory by coming up with a clever plan to defeat the very powerful cosmic super villain known as Omega Man in addition to the Crime Syndicate even outwitting Owl Man (Bruce Wayne's evil counterpart from an alternate earth) (Justice League of America v2 #53)