Saturday, July 12, 2014

Update 8 - Grayson #1

Added feats from Grayson #1 to the following Sections:
- Agility/Speed (Acrobats)
- Agility/Speed (Speed/Reflexes)
- Agility/Speed (Meta Humans/Super Powered)
- Willpower/Deduction (Deduction)
- Intellect/Resources (Equipment/Gadgets)
- Intellect/Resources (Science/Tech)
- Intellect/Resources (Knowledge)
- Marksmanship
- Good Showings

So far, I'm really enjoying the new direction that Dick is being taken in with the first issue being well written in a fast paced and stylish way which is right up Dick's alley. Also, be sure to vote and let me know what's your favorite story era for Dick Grayson?!

Anyway, enjoy all of the cool new feats!