Good Showings

As a teenager, he defeats The Strategist who has League of Assassins combat training (New Teen Titans Games)


Vs Chesire - who's one of the world's best assassins and martial artists also well known by everyone for her use in deadly poisons. These battles took place when Dick was still a teenager and not shown to be as skilled as he is now.

Round 1 - Gets the upperhand on her as he comes to Speedy's (Arsenal) aid (Action Comics Weekly #614)


Round 2 - Stalemates her in their rematch but retreats once he's completed his primary mission of planting a tracer on her in the middle of their battle (Action Comics Weekly #616-617)


Round 3 - Yet again fights her to a draw until she retreats this time and forces Nightwing to save Speedy's life ending their battle (Action Comics Weekly #617)


Is ambushed by Deathstroke (who has captured the rest of the Teen Titans) in his apartment and realizes he has no chance of winning this fight. Yet, he still is able to think up a way to escape which is something no one has been able to do against Deathstroke up until that point. This impresses the super human assassin who refers to Dick as the best of the Titans and the most difficult one he's had to deal with despite still being a teenager at the time (Tales of the Teen Titans #43)


Gets the better of Azbats/Azrael even pinning him down to the ground at one point. Dick only loses due to getting distracted by an innocent bystander who's near the battle (Detective Comics #677)


Comes to Batman's aid against the powerful genetically enhanced Leviathan warrior known as Heretic (the clone of Damian Wayne) who even defeated Batman previously and does a very good job against him thanks to his combined impressive agility & martial arts skill. However, because Heretic is too powerful he's able to get the better of Dick in the end (Batman Incorporated v2 #9)

 photo batmaninc9-nightwingvsheretic1.jpg photo batmaninc9-nightwingvsheretic2.jpg photo batmaninc9-nightwingvsheretic3.jpg

Does good against Owlman (evil Batman counterpart from another universe) in combat and even manages to make him bleed despite being in poor shape beforehand (Justice League v2 #26)

Nightwing vs Owlman p1 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman1.jpgNightwing vs Owlman p2 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman2.jpgNightwing vs Owlman p3 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman3.jpgNightwing vs Owlman p4 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman4.jpgNightwing vs Owlman p5 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman5.jpg

Has a remarkable showing against Midnighter who's an enhanced super human that possesses a super battle simulation computer installed in his brain that allows him to read and predict his opponents every move (he only has to pick the correct battle scenario) despite this Dick is able to give him a hard time in hand to hand combat with their battle ending inconclusively roughly in a draw due to outside inference (Grayson #1)

Grayson vs Midnighter p1 photo grayson1-graysonvsmidnighter1.jpgGrayson vs Midnighter p2 photo grayson1-graysonvsmidnighter2.jpgGrayson vs Midnighter p3 photo grayson1-graysonvsmidnighter3.jpg

Despite his disadvantage at the time (due to how he's positioned), he's still able to use his speed and agility to dodge Joker's every attack then restrain him with one arm. This feat is quite impressive considering the fact that the Joker is enhanced with Dionesium (similar to the formula used by Talon's) at the time making him super humanly fast and agile as shown when you look at his fight later on with Batman (Bruce Wayne) in comparison within the same issue who is surprised by how fast and agile Joker is thanks to the Dionesium plus has a hard time even hitting the Joker at first (Batman v2 #40)

Grayson Batman vs Dionesium Joker 1 photo batman40-graysonbatmanvsjoker1.jpgGrayson Batman vs Dionesium Joker 2 photo batman40-graysonbatmanvsjoker2.jpgGrayson Batman vs Dionesium Joker 3 photo batman40-graysonbatmanvsjoker3.jpg

Gets the better of a werewolf and KOes it with a powerful tranquilizer off panel (Superman & Batman vs Vampires & Werewolves #2)


After being brutally tortured, he's thrown into a pit with a giant spider monster where the other Titans lay unconscious. Despite his handicap, he manages to dodge the spider's attacks, hurt it, and save Donna but ultimately ends up being saved by Raven (New Teen Titans v1 #22)


Takes out a huge rock monster by hitting it in the eye with his escrima stick saving the speedster Jesse Quick (The Titans #25)


Wonder Woman #165:

Stheno the gorgon (who's the elder sister of Medusa) has Donna Troy subdued who's unable to effectively fight back since she has to shield her eyes from her gaze


Using his amazing marksmenship while covering his eyes he beheads and kills Stheno with a wing-ding saving Donna Troy who tells him to aim for her head


Gets the better of Raptor (a man wearing Lex Corp power armor) using his skill and manages to hurt him but is unable to continue the fight due to injuries he suffered before this battle (Nightwing #125)


Battles Blockbuster for the first time and does very well against him using his speed, agility, and skill. However, he makes a mistake getting caught and is knocked out (Nightwing #8)


Able to dodge Starfire's starbolts and get the upperhand on her with his speed, agility, and skill (even knocking her out of the air) until she really goes all out and has to be stopped (Tales of the Teen Titans #57)


Does very well against a Wildebeest that singlehandedly took on the Titans and had the slight upperhand using just his skill and speed (New Teen Titans v2 #36)


Despite being ambushed by the powerful shapeshifter Spinebender, he's able to still hold his own in battle plus evade being trapped in Spinebender's attempted kamikaze attack on him (Nightwing v2 #28)

 photo nightwing28-nightwingvspinebender1.jpg photo nightwing28-nightwingvspinebender2.jpg photo nightwing28-nightwingvspinebender4.jpg photo nightwing28-nightwingvspinebender5.jpg photo nightwing28-nightwingvspinebender6.jpg

Vs Aqualad (an Atlantean similar to Aquaman)

Avoids Aqualad's (aka Tempest) attacks using his speed in melee combat then entangles him within a unique martial arts grappling hold which doesn't work only due to Garth's Atlantean heritage which gifts him super strength and invulerability (as seen when bullets are shown bouncing off his skin) very similar to Aquaman (Titans Hunt #1)

Grayson vs Aqualad 1 photo titanshunt1-graysonvsaqualad1.jpgGrayson vs Aqualad 2 photo titanshunt1-graysonvsaqualad2.jpgGrayson vs Aqualad3 photo titanshunt1-graysonvsaqualad3.jpg

While attempting to reason with him this time, he battles Aqualad yet again and once again does a great job of dodging Garth's attacks even stunning Aqualad for a moment with a kick to the gut despite his Atlantean invulnerability. However, while on the defensive Garth still manages to evenutally gain the upper hand on Dick with his Atlantean strength and speed once he grabs a hold of Grasyon with Wonder Girl then showing up out of no where which stops their battle (Titans Hunt #2)

 photo titanshunt2-graysonvsaqualad1.jpg photo titanshunt2-graysonvsaqualad2.jpg photo titanshunt2-graysonvsaqualad3.jpg photo titanshunt2-graysonvsaqualad4.jpg