Escape Artistry

Quickly able to free himself from police hand cuffs (Nightwing #2)


Escapes from his steel chain restraints despite being in a weak condition (Justice League v2 #26)

Nightwing vs Owlman p1 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman1.jpgNightwing vs Owlman p2 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman2.jpgNightwing vs Owlman p3 photo justiceleague25-nightwingvsowlman3.jpg

Gets himself free from chains that are hog tied on him while hanging upside down and defeat's Shrike's ninjas afterwards (Nightwing #57)


Finds his way out a maze before the Flash could (Flash Plus Nightwing)


Deduces that he's trapped inside some type of virtual reality world and uses a Tibetan mind technique to get Beast Boy and himself free (JLA Titans #1)


Pukes out a micro torch that he swallowed ahead of time and uses it to get Captain Boomerang and himself free from the prison cell they're being held in (Outsiders #49)


Frees himself from his binds then saves the other people underwater with him from drowning (Batman #707)


Impressively figures a way out of Prankster's devious deathtrap despite being blinded and trapped within an reinforced enclosed space no less (Nightwing v2 #21)

Nightwing vs Prankster's Deathtrap p1 photo nightwing21-pranksterdeathtrap1.jpgNightwing vs Prankster's Deathtrap p2 photo nightwing21-pranksterdeathtrap2.jpgNightwing vs Prankster's Deathtrap p3 photo nightwing21-pranksterdeathtrap3.jpgNightwing vs Prankster's Deathtrap p4 photo nightwing21-pranksterdeathtrap4.jpgNightwing vs Prankster's Deathtrap p5 photo nightwing21-pranksterdeathtrap5.jpgNightwing vs Prankster's Deathtrap p6 photo nightwing21-pranksterdeathtrap6.jpg